Identical Twin Sisters BOTH Die From The Coronavirus!!

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A pair of identical twin sisters just died of the coronavirus, MTO News has learned.

The twins Katy and Emma Davis, both 37, died of COVID-19 within three days of each other. The pair both lived in southern England.

The BBC first reported news of the twins' deaths. Their sister told the outlet, “They always said they had come into the world together and would go out together as well.".

Katy and Emma lived together, all their lives. And they likely passed the disease from one to the other. Local reports say that the two women also suffered from underlying health issues. 

And both worked in the nursing field.

‘All they ever wanted to do was to help other people,” their sister said. ‘Ever since they were young … they’d pretend they were doctors and nurses caring for their dolls.

“They gave their everything to all the patients they looked after. They were exceptional … It doesn’t feel like any of this is real.”

Both worked at Southampton Children’s Hospital, where Katy, a pediatric nurse, died Tuesday and Emma, a former surgical nurse died there on Friday.

Here's a pic of the nurses: