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Rapper and actor Ice-T has revealed that he thinks that Colin Kaepernick should have given him a call before his NFL protest.

"I mean I would love to sit with Kap because I was attacked by the President... you know he dropped to his knee. I made a record called 'Cop Killer.' They wanted my motherf*cking head," Ice-T told AllHipHop.

He continued:

"The spin is what f*cked everything up. He hates America. He hates the troops. He hates the people dying. Our troops, Trump spun it. Oh, he hates all the young Gi's. N*gga I'm going to be talking about police and you talking about I hate America. Shit got f*cked up."

Check out a part of the interview below:

Kapernick ultimately received a settlement from the NFL, but reports show that he may have received far less than the amount originally reported by the media. It is now thought that Kaep received a settlement for $10 million or less.

According to sources, Kap is still eager to return to the league, but the NFL appears to have moved on from him.