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Ice Cube Says He Won't Be Doing A Verzuz

Ice Cube revealed that he would not be doing a Verzuz even though he thinks it's a good idea.

 "Not really. It's a great idea, great concept, but it's nothing that's like, on my bucket list or wish list or nothing like that," he said on The Breakfast Club.

He continued, "It started off on an adversary tip and then it showed a lot of love in Verzuz so I like how it's evolved because guys shouldn't be really going up there putting catalog against catalog. That right there to me ain't what it's about." 


"My version of Verzuz would have been, I pull somebody out there like Chuck D or Public Enemy or something, and I play all the songs I love from him and he play all the songs he love from me," Cube he added. "It's a lovefest. But, it's not something that I'm thinking about doing. If it comes about, who knows. I ain't sayin' yeah, I ain't sayin' no."