'I AM DELIVERT' Andrew Caldwell Beats Up Alleged White Supremacists! (Video)


Andrew Caldwell, the gay man who became famous after saying that he prayed away his homosexuality - and coined the phrase "I Am Deliver't" is going viral again this morning.

MTO News has confirms that over the weekend, Andrew got into a fist fight with two White men, and he beat them both up. According to a witness who video'd the fight, Andrew was claiming that the men called him a "n*gg*r." 


The fight was caught on video and posted on Twitter, and it's since been viewed by millions of people.

In the video, Andrew is seen fighting one of the men, and beating him up pretty badly. And while the fight is happening, you can hear gospel music playing from Andrews car - which was nearby.


At one point, Andrew stopped beating his opponent, and began dancing to the music. But the Deliver't star didn't pause to dance for long. 

He then continued putting hands on the alleged white supremacist, before walking back to his car and leaving the scene.