The WE reality show Hustle & Soul is being exposed today, by two of its cast members. They claim that the producers are "staging" violent fights between cast members - all for ratings.

The show is a documentary-series surrounding a Miami restaurant called the Pink Teacup, its African American owner, and his extremely ratchet staff. It's a very entertaining show, but also one of the most violent reality shows on television.

Hustle & Flow is a docu-series about chef Laurence's quest to earn a Michelin star. But this isn’t your cut-and-dry cooking show. There are frequent arguments — and the straight-up brawls between cast members that almost overshadow the food. And the stars air their dirty laundry on-camera for the world to see.

Last week, one of the more violent incidents happened, two of the girls Ana & Thandi "jumped" another girl Coli on camera. 

There were punches thrown (and landed) on camera. And it was pretty brutal.

Here's the fight:

Well now two of the shows stars Laurence and Ana are spilling tea, and claiming that the producers actually "staged" the fight.

According to Lawrence and Ana, Cola knew that she was going to get jumped, and agreed to the butt whipping. They also claim that the producers provided actors in the scene.

Here's them explaining how they staged the latest fight scene, using actors: