The husband in the popular Youtube couple Victor & Amy just came out as gay. The pair were one of the most popular interracial couple's on social media.

It's not clear whether Victor plans on ending his marriage, or whether he plans on taking on side dudes.

Victor came out over the weekend, to his fans and friends, and his wife.

He posted on Instagram, "I’m bisexual. No more hiding. 😊🏳️‍🌈."

Here's how he did it:

Here's a video of the couple:

Here are pics of Amy:

On Youtube the couple describe themselves as, "Victor and Amy, a young couple who are passionate about all things music, food and travel.."

Their blog series talks about coping with stereotypes in an interracial relationship, among other topics.

What's interesting is back in 2017, fans speculated about Victor's sexuality. One commenter said:

"Sorry but he's gay. 

Can we stop glorifying interracial couples. They are not exciting or new anymore and us black women do not need white/non-black validation. #BlackGirlMagic. 

I think it's sad how people post their interracial couples to youtube for coins. They can't love each other in private they need an audience because they think they're snowflakes. 

Another said:

What's worse is that the guy is always away on work related trips abroad and i'm pretty sure he hooks up with men. Every interaction these two have looks pained and she's like a love sick puppy who lives in denial and he secretly can't wait to get away from her

I've noticed that closeted men will chase black women like by being with us it makes them looks straight. They're always obsessed with "Booty" too.........

It seems like this situation was visible to people who were paying attention? Regardless, we wish them the best of luck.