Hulu decided to drop their own documentary on the Fyre Festival just days ahead of the premiere of Netflix's own doc on the same festival.

Yesterday, MTO shared the trailer of Netflix's Fyre documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, but Hulu had reportedly also made one, but a release date was not made public. Not wanting their efforts to be overshadowed by Netflix's offering, Hulu dropped there's to unsuspecting subscribers.

At the end of the #FyreFraud doc, Hulu also revealed that Netflix's documentary was actually produced by F*ck Jerry, the media group who promoted the disastrous festival and are currently subjects of a pending lawsuit.

Twitter praised Hulu's level of petty:

All eyes are now on Netflix whose doc airs this Friday. Whether Hulu intentionally fired shots or not (and they absolutely did!) the petty is actually great promo for Netflix's film.

Watch Hulu's trailer below.