Hulk Hogan's Son: Tyga Stole My Girl!!


Hulk Hogan's son is alleging that rapper Tyga stole his girl after the rapper slid into her DMs.

Nick Hogan shared screenshots of the dm's between his girl and Tyga. But then Tyga hopped on social media to reveal that he may not have initiated the interaction -- Tana Lee has been sliding into his DMs since 2018.

While we understand Nick's frustration, perhaps he should have shot Tyga a DM instead of putting him on blast.

Following his very public breakup with Kylie Jenner, the rapper revealed that his image took a hit while dating her.

"She definitely helped me [with] women," Tyga admits "In middle America, there's way more women at my shows. [There's] younger girls and stuff."

He says it did nothing for his pockets though...

"Nah, it didn't. Because you gotta think. I'm not coming from...I wasn't coming from reality. I was with a Black girl before that. So, to the world it looked like...okay, I left her. Had a baby with her, I left her. Then I got with this young white girl. So like, that was already kind of a hit on my image, but for me, I was just like, I'm gonna just deal with it. We gon' rock and make the best out of it."