Rapper 21 Savage is being forced to apologize for a lyric in a rap song, that many believe was anti-jewish.

The lyrics come from 21's hit song “ASMR” and it goes, “We been getting that Jewish money, Everything is Kosher.”

While most people don't think the lyric was specifically racist, some are calling it potentially anti-semitic.

Here's 21's apology:

Lebron was forced to apologize for the same lyric yesterday. The NBA great posted the lyrics in an Instagram story the day before. With over 45 million followers on Instagram and more than 100 million total across his social media platforms - LeBron's post became national news.

Eventually, the future Hall of famer was forced to apologize. He said:

“That’s not why I chose to share that lyric. I always [post lyrics]. That’s what I do. I ride in my car, I listen to great music, and that was the byproduct of it,” James added. “So I actually thought it was a compliment, and obviously it wasn’t through the lens of a lot of people. My apologies. It definitely was not the intent, obviously, to hurt anybody.”

21 recently updated his i am > i was album to include a verse from Travis Scott on "out for the night pt. 2." The "ASMR" lyric controversy followed very quickly after that update's release and is still ongoing, with GQ writer Nathaniel Friedman arguing that giving James a pass due to his typically "ultra-woke" persona wasn't the way to handle this:

What do you guys think about the lyric? Is it that bad or are people looking for an excuse to get mad?