Howard Stern: Trump Hates His Own Supporters!!

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Howard Stern is claiming that he's not the only one who hates Trump supporters -- he says President Donald Trump does too.

"One thing Donald loves is celebrities, he loves the famous," Stern said on his SiriusXM show. "He loves it. He loves to be in the mix."

Stern also says that Trump's celeb friends have mostly turn their backs on him since becoming president -- but he thinks that if he tried, Trump could have his old life back.

But as for his supporters?

"The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most. The people who are voting for Trump for the most part -- he wouldn't even let them in a f*cking hotel. He'd be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there's any people who look like you. I'm talking to you in the audience."

He continued, "I don't hate Donald. I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence."