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Former co-host of the Howard Stern Radio Show, Arte Lange was arrested and charged for possession of a controlled substance in New Jersey.

Arte has a serious drug problem. He was arrested in court, after police say that he showed up to the courthouse high. Authorities say that Arte reported to Superior Court in Newark and tested positive for cocaine for the second time in six weeks while on probation.

Arte also tested positive for morphine/heroin on Wednesday and could remain in a New Jersey jail until his case is reevaluated February 3.

Although his lawyer said he expects Lange to be moved into inpatient drug treatment program once a bed is available, a spokesperson for Essex County Prosecutors Office said 'the transfer could not occur' because of the test result.

As the below picture shows, his nose appears to have been destroyed - after years of repeated cocaine use.


“He was due in court yesterday because he was being transferred from regular court to drug court,” says Katherine Carter, a spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. “He was going to be in our drug court program. The original plan was that he would be into entered into our program here in Essex County and then be a direct transfer to Hudson County which is where he lives in Hoboken. However, under the rules of the program, when you enter you have to be drug-free. When he showed up yesterday for court he tested positive of cocaine and morphine. By virtue of that, he was taken into custody on the spot and remains at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark.”