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Houston Mother Does The UNTHINKEABLE . . . She DROWNS Two Of Her Children . . . Then Starts BRAGGING ABOUT IT To Neighbors!!

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A 30-year-old Houston mother is being charged with the UNTHINKABLE. Police charged Sheborah Thomas with one of the most HEINOUS and CALLOUS crimes in recent memory.

According to police, Sheborah drowned two of her children Orayln, 7 and daughter, Kahana, 5 - in the bathtub. After KILLING the beautiful children (pictured above) - the mom dug a ditch under her house and buried the children's bodies.

But that's not the end of the story. Days after allegedly MURDERING her children, Sheborah started BRAGGING about the killing to her neighbors.

The mother also said she tried burying her children in the backyard, but she failed and hid their bodies under a neighbor’s home instead.

A neighbor asked Sheborah what happened to her kids, the ones he used to see in the park. That's when Sheborah started BRAGGING about the murder, police said. Sheborah admitted to killing two of her three children, and burying them under the house.

“She was so matter of fact about it he didn't think she was serious. He thought she was joking," Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said.

The shocked neighbor drove Shenborah to the nearest police precinct after realizing the woman never faltered in her answer, repeatedly saying she killed two of her three children.

Police eventually recovered the children's bodies under the house, just as Sheborah confessed.

Sheborah now faces capital murder charges in the two deaths after police found their bodies under the home, like she said.