Houston Groom SHOT During Wedding; Bride Refusing To 'Snitch' On Shooter!!


The two words you expect to hear at a wedding are "I do" and not "no snitching."

MTO News has learned that a groom was shot in the chest at his wedding in Houston, and his shooter is still on the loose. 

Houston police believe that the shooting occurred after the groom got into a fight with one of his guests. According to police reports, the injured groom and shooter both fled the scene, but the newly married man didn’t make it far—he was found at a house across the street from the wedding, where the shooting took place.

The groom, whose name is being withheld, was airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition. He’s now in stable and is expected to survive, officials told MTO News. 

But here's the crazy part. The groom's new bride is refusing to cooperate with authorities. She's not snitching on the shooter.

Captain John Shannon told MTO News through a press release that witnesses to the incident have not been cooperative with the police... He said, “People at the house have been detained until we can get their witness statements.”