Houston Gangsters SHOOT AND KILL 19-Year-Old GIRL . . . To Get Back At Her BOYFRIEND!!! (What Is The World COMING TO??)


There's a Houston MURDER case that's gaining national attention. A 19-year-old new mom named Kendra Childs was shot and killed in what police are calling a DRIVE-BY shooting. But she wasn't hit with a STRAY BULLET, she was targeted by gang members.

Police suspect that the gangsters may have been trying to send a message to her boyfriend. Here is what the local news is reporting:

"Witnesses reported seeing a black newer model Camaro with standard rims and tinted windows drive by the house and fire multiple rounds," Mark Holdbrook with the Houston Police Department homicide unit said.

According to police, a man and a woman were inside that car, and family members believe their loved one, Kendra Childs, 19, was targeted.

Police say the shooter never came inside the apartment complex; instead they stood on the road aiming the gun up to the second level apartment where Childs was.

A bullet struck Childs and when her boyfriend got home, she was already dead.