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'Hottie' from the VH1 2000s hit show Flavor Of Love just landed a new Amazon TV show.

 She'll be cooking chicken for viewers. Hottie, real name Schatar Sapphira, came into our lives and onto our television screens on Flavor Of Love - a reality series where women tried to date Flavor Flav.

The ladies were kept in a house - Big Brother style - and the house was full of big personalities. Sapphira was one o the show's breakout stars, delivering iconic reality TV moments like her claims that she looked like Beyoncé.


But her most memorable moment is when she tried to cook a raw chicken in the microwave:


Here's how she described that moment to VH1:

“I was raised as a vegetarian and I’d never prepared, let alone touched, a raw chicken before. I like winning, so when I realized that a fried chicken challenge was one that I’d never done before, I decided to go at it another way altogether. Keeping ratings in mind, I threw some jelly on it, some mushrooms, Lo Mein noodles, marshmallows for eyes and a raisin smile. Then, I threw it in the microwave. It was the #1 episode for the year!