Jeremy Meeks, the model who was given the moniker 'Hot Felon' after his mugshot went viral for his unusual good looks - is speaking about what it was like growing up in a heroin household.

"So, my childhood was very, very dark," he said in the candid interview with Chelsea Grayson.

"You know, my dad committed a murder when I was nine months old and killed my mom's best friend because he was looking for us and she was the only one who knew where we were at. And she wouldn't tell him, and so he stabbed her to death, not knowing that we had rented the apartment right above her. So, he got a life sentence."

He then explained that his mother used to be a heroin addict:

"I dealt with the whole...helping her kick, and the needles, and the abusive boyfriends kicking the sh*t out of us. So, we bounced around a lot, and my mom went to jail a bunch of times."

"Growing up in a heroin household is really hard. You have to grow up really fast, and fend for yourself, and bring something to the table so that everyone can eat."

According to Meeks, his older sister left for the military to escape from the home at 18 but later returned to adopt him legally.