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Actor Hosea Chanchez has revealed that he was molested when he was just 14 years old, in an emotional open letter posted to his Instagram.

"Im Hosea chanchez and when I was 14 years old I was molested BY my friends father. This man is a predator, preying on children who’s trust he’s falsely built through lies, manipulation, threats and secrets," The Game actor began in the post's caption.

He continued:

"I hope this truth helps to stop child molesting predators from sexually assaulting more children. Pedophiles have no place in our society they hide in the open and rape children who are afraid to speak up because of shame, guilt, fear, denial and the thought that no one will believe them."

In the post, Hosea goes into detail about the pain that he experienced at the hand of his abuser - a man who worked at a university, before naming him.

"On This one day in particular, he insisted on taking me home, I knew something wasn’t right, my intuition was telling me it’s not right but I got in the car anyways. Shortly after the drive began he detoured and pulled down a dirt road, pulled over and said he wanted to talk to me about school and what my plans for my future are. He worked at a university so he said he’s only looking out for me and my future. Then out of nowhere He said he wanted to see what the girls are going crazy over, then he reached over unzipped my pants and told me to trust him. I remember he kept saying trust me you will like it, he pulled out my penis put it in his mouth and molested me in his car. When he finished he said, it don’t mean nothing if a guy gives you a blow job, it’s not intercourse, so it’s not sex. Then he told me he’s a very powerful man and if I’d ever told anyone he would ruin my life and no one would believe me anyways. I was 14, a young boy, a child."

Read the entire post below:

We applaud him for his bravery.

The man who he claims molested him is Isaac Sanders, former vice president of advancement at East Stroudsburg University.

Here is a report of previous allegations against him: