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'Hoodrat' Murders Black Honor Student Over White Boyfriend - Gets 27 Yrs!!

Tanaya Lewis, a Detroit teenager who many referred to as a "hood rat," stabbed and killed Danyna Gibson, a 17 year old honors student, while inside a classroom at Fitzgerald High School in Warren.

This weekend, the judge finally threw the book at Tanaya - and sentenced her to 27 to 60 years in prison for first degree murder.

When sentenced, Tanaya told the court, "If I could take it back, I would ... I accept the punishment ... and I know no amount of apologies will take it back. ... And I'm so, so sorry. I just hope one day, you'll be (able to) forgive me."

Tanaya brought a kitchen knife to school and fatally stabbed Danyna, a straight-A student who was involved in numerous extracurricular school activities.

Tanaya was dating a White guy in the class, and feared losing her boyfriend when she found that he had a crush on the smarter and prettier Danyna. So Tanaya pulled a knife and killed her.

Here's a pic of the boyfriend and Danyna: