Hoodrat Mom Appears To Feed 3 Year Old A MARIJUANA EDIBLE .. . On Livestream! (VIDEO)

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We've seen some BAD parenting on Livestream. But a Durham, NC woman may have taken things to a whole new level.

A woman named Dezzi Aviles posted a Livestream with her 3 year old son. And she appears to be feeding the boy  a Marijuana edible Rice Krispy treat.

In the video, Dezzi says while holding the Rice Krispy treat, "I think I'm going to give him some of this."

Here is the graphic video

The 4 year old initially refused the treat. But his mom insisted. and breaks off a bite sized piece which she tells her son to eat. It was clearly TOO MUCH for the toddler boy.


The boy immediately starts SCREAMING when he puts the treat in his mouth. He is off camera, so it's not clear how much of the treat he ingested. But the boy eventually SPIT OUT the treat onto the floor.

The mom is later heard on the video saying to her toddler son, "It's ok you still got the amount needed. It's going to hit you soon." The two continue to play on video - for more than 10 minutes.

The toddler seems particularly happy and jovial after he ingested the treat.

MTO News confirmed that the video was sent to the local authorities.

Here is the graphic video