The HOOD In Atlanta Is UPSET . . . Because Rapper 50 Cent Is Making A TV SHOW . . . About BLACK MAFIA FAMILY!!!


Rapper 50 Cent is quietly becoming one of the most POWERFUL men in Hollywood. His hit series POWER is now widely recognized as one of the BIGGEST HITS on cable TV. Well he's got another hit on his hands.

Fiddy has acquired the rights to the Black Mafia Family stories, and he's creating a TV show about it. You already KNOW it's going to be GOOD.

Well not everyone is happy about it. learned that there are whispers around Atlanta that 50 is refusing to consult with the heavy hitters in Atlanta on the BMF TV series, including T.I., Jeezy and some well known ex-drug dealers. Although 50 Cent owns the rights, people are chatting and tweeting their displeasure with him leaving out the enter core of BMF.

We don't know much about HOOD POLITICS - we just want to see the SHOW!!