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'Honey Boo Boo' Mama June's Daughters Get Plastic Surgery Makeovers!!


Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon are following in their mother, Mama June's footsteps. The two girls both received complete makeovers that included over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery, dental veneers, and surgical implants, MTO News has learned.

Anna and Shanna both starred on the 2000s TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Anna (who went by the nickname Chickadee ) and Jessica (whose nickname was Chubbs), paid a visit to Dr. Miami just before the quarantine - and they went to work on their bodies.

TMZ is reporting what each woman had done to themselves and here's what they're saying:

Anna’s plastic surgeries included a breast lift and implants — going from a B cup to a D cup — courtesy of Dr. Michael K. Obeng. She also got 16 veneers from Dr. Aamir Wahab. All told, Anna’s tab ran $47,450.

…As for Jessica, our sources say she was 230 lbs and now down to 185 lbs after getting a weight loss balloon in her stomach from Dr. Samuel Kashani. She also got liposuction on her back, flanks and bra area, plus a tummy tuck, all from Dr. Obeng. Jessica’s got new teeth too — 8 veneers from the same doc who operated on Anna.

And now for the final product. Here are the before pics of Anne Marie:

And Jessica before:

And after: