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HOLY CRAP!! Check Out The Worlds Most EXPENSIVE Pair Of Shoes . . . The Shoes . . . Cost $51 MILLION!!! (Ladies . . . Are They Even CUTE???)

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Even Carrie Bradshaw might struggle to pay for these. The "world's most expensive shoes" have been valued at a staggering $15.1 million USD.

Encrusted with large and extremely rare pink and blue diamonds, plus flawless white diamonds and another 1000 pointer diamonds, the larger jewels alone are worth in excess of $13 million.

The creator, 35-year-old British designer Debbie Wingham, is known for making ultra-pricey record breakers - after shooting to fame with the "Most Expensive Black Diamond Dress" in Dubai five years ago. The shoes will be her fourth "world's most expensive" showcase, which includes the world's most expensive cake, which she made in 2015.

The opulent kicks were reportedly commissioned by a family from the United Arab Emirates, who wanted "a unique piece of diamond art for a loved one's birthday gift," according to a release from the artist. "Some people inherit grandma's brooch, others a portfolio of jewels." All of the diamonds in the shoes are set in platinum and the zips and the plaque underneath the shoes are solid gold. It took hundreds of man-hours to stitch them together, using 18-carat gold thread. Even the leather coating process was painted in 24-carat gold paint.

The flowers are made from leather, molded into the shape of Arabian jasmines, and also encrusted with diamonds. A rose gold accent was added to give a slight contrast. The gems are set in piped and quilted details, which resemble cake decoration.