HOLLYWOOD DRAMA!! Jennifer Lopez Manager Benny Medina . . . Allegedly Tried To RAPE A Man . . . 'Held Him Down' . . . And Tried To 'STEAL THE BOOTY'!!!


Jennifer Lopez HIGH POWERED manager Benny Medina is being put ON BLAST - by an actor who claims that Benny tried to rape him. The actor, Jason Dottley, claims that Benny held him down and tried to rape him.

Benny's lawyers claim that this entire story is a lie - but that didn't stop The Advocate - a well respected magazine - to print it. Here's what they reported

“There was no ‘Do you want to see my bedroom?’ We literally got to the door and he grabbed me by the chest of my shirt and threw me onto his bed. Now I’m 6 foot tall and was 155 pounds, and this is a stocky strong man,” he says, then adds, “We all have these things playing in our heads of what would we ever do if someone ever tried to do something, and none of my preplanned motions would work.”

After throwing him on the bed, Medina “stuck his tongue down my mouth,” Dottley alleges. “Stop. I’m married. What are you doing?” he recalls asking while pointing to his wedding ring.

Dottley says that as he resisted, Medina became more aggressive. “I’m having you,” Medina allegedly demanded before placing his forearm over Dottley’s neck, pinning him to the mattress while forcefully placing his thighs over Dottley’s legs to keep them from squirming.

At this point, Dottley remembers, he started to cry and beg Medina to stop. But the mogul allegedly wouldn’t stop and kept repeating, “I’m having you! Oh, I will have you…”

“His forearm was bearing down on my neck so hard that I don’t know how much longer I would have remained conscious,” says Dottley. Throughout the ordeal Medina kept pulling on Dottley’s pants while continuing to pin him against the mattress, according to Dottley. He says he doesn’t have a clear memory of Medina successfully opening his pants or touching his genitals.

While it’s unclear how long the struggle lasted, it was long enough for Mozelle to get worried. “When I went to the pool ... Jason and Benny continued walking around the house,” Mozelle says. “It could have been intuition or whatever, but I randomly decided to get out of the pool to finish touring and I walked into [Medina’s] room, and he was on top of Jason.”

“[Mozelle] burst in the room and screamed something like, ‘Get off him!’ I don’t remember [exactly] what he said, but whatever he said worked,” Dottley tells The Advocate. “Benny Medina got off of me and grabbed me again by the chest of my shirt and threw me at — not to, but at — his bedroom door and all he said was ‘You two get the fuck out of here.’”