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Ava DuVernay, the director of the award-winning Netflix documentary, When They See Us, took to Twitter on Sunday and announced to her fans that she would not be watching the Super Bowl over their treatment for Colin Kaepernick.

"Today during the Super Bowl, the National Football League and its allies will sanitize and co-opt a black protest movement," she wrote on Twitter. "I refuse to watch that happen before my eyes as if it's all good. Some things are worth more than an afternoon of football."

DuVernay also shared a link to a Washington Post article titled, Colin Kaepernick's old team is in the Super Bowl, and the NFL has erased him, where the writer reflects on the NFL moving on quickly from Kaepernick's public protests.

Kaepernick sued the NFL after they essentially blackballed him from the league and for his kneeling protests during the national anthem. He settled out of court with the league for an undisclosed amount.