Holly Robinson Peete's Daughter Comes Out: 'Mom, I'm Gay'


Holly Robinson Peete's daughter Ryan has come out of the closet as a gay woman, MTO News has learned.


Ryan described how difficult her journey was, and told fans that she's finally at a place where she now loves and accepts herself.

Ryan, who is 22 and a college graduate told her fans, "I’ve been openly gay for about a year and a half now. I never thought that I’d ever be this comfortable with myself, and it’s crazy to me that I can now say this with pride."

But she had many dark days before accepting her sexuality. She explained, "I spent most of time in college severely depressed as I struggled to accept myself."

And what does her mother Holly, and the rest of her family think - they COMPLETELY accept and love Ryan. Ryan detailed, "I’m thankful for my immediate family, who accepts and embraces me fully with open arms."



Here are some pics of Ryan: