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Hispanic New Jersey Lesbian Beats Her Black Wife to Death

Police in New Jersey say that they are currently involved in a manhunt. They are searching for a woman who they allege has murdered her wife - by beating her to death with a wine chiller inside their home. 

The Ocean County, NY prosecutor announced on Tuesday that he was charging 48-year-old Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus with murdering her wife, 32-year-old Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus. 

Mayra is not currently in custody and is currently on the run.

According to a statement from the prosecutor's office, the dead body of Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus was found in an upstairs bedroom and the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

Prosecutors believe that Mayra allegedly used a cylindrical container used for the purpose of chilling wine to bludgeon her spouse of nearly two years to death.

Then, prosecutors say, Mayra fled the scene after the attack.

Police are soliciting information to help them apprehend Mayra.