Hip Hop JEWELER Arrested . . . Put Out A 'HIT' On Sean Kinston . . . On Social Media!!

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A popular Hip Hop jeweler, named AP The Jeweler was arrested yesterday - after threatening to hard rapper Sean Kingston. AP claims that Sean ran off on some of his jewelry, and he wanted it back.

AP wrote on his page:

Somebody tell this fat jelly roll eating scared To come out of his house cuz @losangelesconfidential might see him pussy ass bitch I’m looking for him. He ran off on me like he always do but only difference is I’m not one of them Jewish jewelers who playing with they daddy and mommy money ima self made street dude. I’m not calling cops or taking you to court. I’m going to the streets somewhere where you scared to be.

He then offered a reward of a ROLEX - to anyone that would help him SET UP Sean Kingston:


Well the police caught wind of his threats - and his reward. Officers and Miami swooped in yesterday and arrested AP. They locked him up on unspecified charges related to the threats.


According to Complex, "Sean Kingston appeared in the news earlier this year after he reportedly failed to pay NYC jeweler Aqua Master, and now it looks as if he's landed himself in some more drama with another jeweler. AP The Jeweler called out Sean Kingston via Instagram for owing him a significant amount of money. He alleges that Kingston has continued to avoid payments somehow, and he's doing so with a particularly harsh post."

AP also said that his "momma more gangsta then him he straight pussy." While Kingston has yet to respond to the claims, his mother has already chimed in with her thoughts on the situation.

Posting on her Instagram story, Mama Kingston wrote, "It seems like all bitch azz n****s do now a days is run to social media with a bunch of lies. Even when they have your address. N***a pull up! Cause you know the deal. If I would have told the police y'all would say she a snitch. But no bro I'm a GGGG."