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A High School English teacher has gone viral, for her extraordinary shape - and the clothing that she wore in the classroom. The below video of the teacher has gone viral - with many viewers criticizing the teacher's appearance.

According to online reports, the educator teaches High School English in Atlanta.

Some people believe that the teacher is wearing inappropriate and distractive attire while in the classroom. One reader commented, "Why is she wearing such tight pants."

But others are worried, because of her exaggerated figure, its not the clothes that are distracting - its the butt. Another commenter wrote, "You couldn't hide that booty, if she wore a potato sack."

Another group of commentators were concerned that the woman's butt - which appears fake - is a distraction to the kids. As one commentator put it, "She's not a stripper, why get a giant fake butt."

Here is the video of the teacher: