High School Student Gets SPINAL INJURY . . . After Allegedly . . . Calling Black Kid . . . The 'N WORD'!! (Graphic Video)

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A disturbing video is coming out of South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

MTO NEWS obtained the disturbing footage that shows two students fist fighting, then one of the students is being thrown to the ground, and as he lifts his head, another punch is thrown. 

By the time school security showed up to address the violence, everyone was gone from the scene. The fight happened around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday on school property in the parking lot, police said.

But what started the fight? According to a local reporter, the "victim" called the other kid the N Word — and the teen retaliated.

Both teens are 16-years-old. The alleged instigator suffered a concussion, deep bruising of his head and a minor spinal injury, according to the police report. Another report says that, "Mychal Frost, Rock Hill school district spokesman, confirmed that school officials had seen video of the fight, and that one student can be seen "body slamming" the other."

Police arrested the teen who reacted to the alleged HATE SPEECH. Police said the 16-year-old child has been charged with assault and battery. The police also said they reviewed surveillance video that shows a punch being thrown and then one teen's body slammed "upon the concrete." 

One student talked with the local news affiliate, WSOC TV and said he witnessed the fight. When asked about the incident, he said, "I mean when it happened everybody was in shock. I saw when the kid got up. He was bleeding and stuff out of his mouth."