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High School FOOTBALL STAR In Coma After Brutal Fight, Captured On IG!!

Rutgers University freshmen star Wide Receiver, Carnell Davis, is recovering after being put in a coma following a fight, which was captured on video and has since gone viral.


"Our main concern is Carnell's health and well-being," a Rutgers Football spokesperson told Ahmad Austin of The Press of Atlantic City on Tuesday. "He is home with his family and continues to make progress in his recovery. We look forward to getting him back on campus soon."

"Apparently there were some words exchanged between Carnell and some other older guy," Ford said in the post, which 247Sports has edited here for clarity due to typos. 

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"The guy provoked Carnell by saying sexual harassment things to Carnell about his mom. Carnell obviously questioned him on it. The guy initiated the first move hands on with a shove. Carnell responded by defending himself with hands up. The guy throws one punch and knocks Carnell flat out, smashing his head on the pavement. He ended up in the hospital, in a coma, last night with a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain."

Here's video of the fight:

The incident took place in Margate City, New Jersey. Davis played his first three years of high school football in New Jersey before transferring to Eau Gallie High School in Florida for his final season.