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High School Football Player Is SUSPENDED . . . For Refusing To STAND . . . For The NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!

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A story is gaining momentum in the small town of Worcester, Massachusetts. It all started this weekend, when a junior on the football team named Michael Oppong, allegedly took a KNEE during the singing of the national anthem.

Taking a knee during the anthem is a COMMON protest among non-violent protesters who are UPSET with the treatment of Black people in America.

Well the administration DID NOT LIKE IT one bit. According to a Twitter account claiming to be Michael, he's been SUSPENDED both from school and from the football team. See below:

Well the United States Supreme Court disagrees with the school. What they're doing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

If you want to voice your concern with the school's unconstitutional positions, feel free to contact them here:

Coach: Sean Mulcahy
Type:Co-Ed / Public
AD: Colleen O'Brien
Address:299 Highland St, Worcester, MA 01602
Phone:(508) 799-3270
Fax:(508) 636-1053

Sally A Maloney
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (508) 799-3270
Fax: (508) 799-3276

Maureen Binienda
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-799-3115
[email protected]