HERO DOG Sacrifices HIMSELF . . . To Save A Baby From a Fire . . . Dogs REALLY ARE MAN'S BEST FRIEND!! (FULL STORY)


A very touching story is coming out of Baltimore, Maryland, about a HEROIC dog named Polo.

A Baltimore mother named Erika Poremski stepped outside her house to go get something from her car, and left her baby upstairs.

And while she was outside a FIRE STARTED trapping her baby - Viv inside the house alone with just the dog.

The fire spread quickly and Erica wasn't able to go inside and save Viv. She waited for firefighters who were finally able to enter the home nearly 20 minutes later.

When they got inside, they expected the worst, but what they found was INCREDIBLE. The family dog, Polo, was covering the child with his body.

“He stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door,” said Poremski.

Paramedics revived the infant. She has burns on the side of her face and her arm. But firefighters believe she would not have survived if it weren’t for Polo.

Unfortunately Polo did not make it. He gave his life for the baby. R.I.P. Polo!!