Here's The REAL TEA . . . On Why Rapper Rich The Kidd . . . CHANGED HIS NAME!!!

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Rapper Rich The Kidd is changing his name, so that he can get out of his contract with 300 Entertainment. According to MTO News, Rich The Kidd has agreed in principal - to sign with Top Dog Entertainment (Sza and Kaendrick's label).

But he's under an IRON CLAD contract with 300 Entertainment. So in order to get out, he has to SIGN OVER the rights to his name, and all existing music to 300 Entertainment.

It's a risky move, because now he has to start over FROM SCRATCH. But Rich feels like it's worth it. Earlier this week, he was BLASTING 300 entertainment online.

Rich went off on his longtime label in an Instagram video, asking to be let out of his contract. He also warned other artists about signing with the label.

“Fuck 300 Ent., y’all suck,” Rich said in the since-deleted clip. “Listen, y’all gotta let me out this damn contract. I don’t wanna be with y’all no fucking more. I told y’all, I’ll get y’all this money back. I don’t wanna be with y’all label no more. Y’all suck. Y’all is trash. Listen, young independent artists, do not sign with 300 Ent. They’re the worst label ever.”

Last month Rich The Kid was hospitalized after being attacked during a robbery that took place at the home of his girlfriend.

According to TMZ, two men wearing masks entered his girlfriend Tori Brixx’s home in Los Angeles, leading to a scuffle after Rich attempted to fight them off. While the fight ensued the site reports three additional assailants entered the home with guns and attacked them both.