Here's The REAL REASON . . . Azalea Banks .. . Started CRYING On Wild'N Out!!!

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Female rapper Azalea Banks made news two weeks ago, when she started CRYING during the filming of the MTV hit show Wild"N Out. At the time, Azalea claimed that she was being "bullied" by Nick Canon and the show comedians.

Well it turns out that she got ROASTED by comedian DC YoungFly - and he got her so bad . . . the fragile ego'd woman started balling.

Byut DC Youngfly claims that he wasn't BULLYING Azalea. He says that she started it - by making fun of HIM first.

Here's DC Youngfly explaining what he did:

On DC, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean’s The 85 South Show, the comic broke down how the incident took place. The story begins with DC playing a game called "So Petty" where he makes fun of Nick Cannon for being too cheap to book Cardi B, and getting Banks instead.

“First of all, I didn’t know who she was,” DC stated. He also claimed that Banks said "something about me about three or four times" before he struck back. "So I finally grabbed the mic. She had braces on her teeth but she didn’t have the wire on the braces, so I said, ‘You need to fire your dentist with his stupid ass 'cause he took the wire and told you to keep the metal.’” He jokes about her braces continued, and DC claimed that is what finally brought Banks to tears. “She only had them on the bottom so I’m like what happened to the top motherfucker? That was it, and she just started crying." 

And here's a pic of Azalea and her braces: