Last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, one of Eva Marcille's bridesmaids snitched on her - telling all her business to the other housewives.

In the episode, the Bridesmaid (whose identity was hidden) called up Marlo and the other housewives, and told them that Eva was having financial problems. Eva's supposed friend claimed that Eva lives in a rented home, and that both she and her new husband are "broke."


During the episode: Marlo just starts listing all of Eva’s flaws and mistakes. "She’s got bad credit. She’s renting a house and has to leave immediately. Her car is about to be repossessed. She bought the car with government assistance." (That is the one claim that seems to be supported by the least evidence.) Marlo has concluded that Eva is a fraud.

Later in the show, Eva was confronted for "lying" about her finances to the other women. She felt "violated" that one of her closest friends would snitch on her like that.

Eva sits down with Kandi for lunch and Eva starts explaining the fact that they’re renting a house and they have to move in two days. Eva also says that her bridesmaid tried to choke her wedding planner and has been a maniac since the wedding. Kandi is like, “That is … a lot.” Kandi is the voice of the audience. Eva reveals that she has to move frequently because Marley’s “donor” was abusive and she has a restraining order against him.

Well now Eva's cousin is revealing who the alleged bridesmaid snitch is. According to Eva's cousin Terrell, the bridesmaid is an Atlanta gal named Seannita.

Here is the alleged snitch bridesmaid, according to Eva's cousin Terrell:

Here are some more pics of her:

Seannita moved in with Eva in 2015 - the two ladies lived together in Los Angeles for two years. At the time, the two described each other as "best friends."