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Here's Tabitha Brown's NET WORTH . . . Does She Have Enough To 'Retire' Her Husband?

Actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown was all over the headlines this week after Wendy Williams criticized her decision to "pay" her husband to retire. In response, Tabitha clapped back at the talk show queen, so MTO News decided to do a little digging, and try to estimate just how rich Tabitha is....


42-year-old Tabitha Brown announced recently in a YouTube video that her husband Chance Brown was retiring from the Los Angeles Police Department after 15 years as an officer there and she was going to "pay him" to do so.

One day later, TV host Wendy Williams offered Tabitha a bit of advice - 'don't do it.' Wendy likened Tabitha's situation to her own marriage to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter - and tried to offer her some advice, woman to woman.

Tabitha didn't like what Wendy said, and responded to the talk show queen.

The drama made Tabitha Brown a hot topic of conversation online, and everyone wants to know a little more about her. 

Tabitha is a 42-year-old from North Carolina has appeared in a number of small films and TV shows, but is best known for her social media videos on vegan cooking.

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She has 476,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts comedy videos and also addresses important topics like veganism and motivational speaking.

Tabitha is often described as ‘America’s mom’ and also has over four million followers on TikTok and three million on Instagram.

While Tabitha Brown’s net worth is difficult to estimate because most of her wealth comes from her work as a social media star, MTO News determined that she's likely worth between $5-$15 million.

She shares YouTube videos multiple times per week and often posts sponsorship deals on Instagram which all contribute to her wealth.

Tabitha also just released her own book “Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom” and gains income from her multiple acting credits.

She also has her own TV show on Ellen’s network called All Love, and regularly posts videos on her TikTok @iamtabithabrown.