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MTO News located an old "sugar baby" account, that may have been created by popular female rapper Saweetie - it used her name and images.

The account was purportedly created two years ago - before Saweetie was a famous rapper. 

The account was created on the website a website that claims it's "for women who are ready for a relationship with a more mature man who knows how to treat a woman right, and who can be a mentor and help guide her to a happier, more successful life."

The site is designed so that pretty young women can meet, and then get financially compensated, by rich older men.

And the "Saweetie" profile seemed to be interested in meeting a sugar daddy. Here's what her alleged profile stated:

Hello Im Saweetie, or sweetie for short..:) Im kind of in a mess right now & a girlfriend of mine told me to try this site out because Im more than likely to find somebody who could help me out. Send me a message I guess if you'd like to get to know me more, xoxo

Saweetie rapped about a Sugar Daddy - in her 2018 hit ICY Girl. Here are some of the lyrics:

Bougie when I'm broke, so I'm bougie when I'm poppin'

I've been workin', stack one up, check my price, then I tax

My education and my fashion gonna cost a couple racks

Nah I don't need a sugar daddy, they call me when they need stacks

Here are screenshots of the pages: