The Real cast are fighting over salaries, according to an explosive new report from the Daily Mail. According to the report talk show hosts Adrienne and Jeannie Mal are upset, because co-hosts Tamara and Lonnie are making more money than them.

Jennie Mai and Adrienne reportedly make "much less" money than their co-hosts, and jealousy is driving a wedge between the ladies. The report claims:

Earlier this year [Tamara] Mowry-Housley and Loni refused to help Adrienne and Jeannie get a raise, leading to threats of a staged walkout, a source close to the show told

Further heightening tensions is the belief that Mowry-Housley 'isn't keeping it real' with viewers because she refuses to acknowledge her Republican views and skirts around her support Donald Trump in the 2016 election on air.

And the tension is palpable on the show now - it's obvious. Well MTO News asked around, and here is how much each of the hosts are making per year:

Tamera Mowry: $2.5 million

Loni Love: $950,000

Adrienne & Jennie Mai: $200,000 each

That's right, Tamara makes more than 10 times what Adrienne and Jennie make. No wonder they're jealous.

In addition to the salary disputes, the women reportedly no longer click with their admittedly conservative co-panelist as she "isn't keeping it real" with viewers. Mowry-Housley is further being accused of refusing to acknowledge her Republican political views and reportedly dances around her alleged support of Donald Trump in the 2016 election, on air.

An insider further added that the working relationships among the ladies began to deteriorate back in April following the show's Emmy win.