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Here Are The FASHION LOSERS . . . From The BET Awards!! (Ashanti, Dej Loaf Plus MORE)


Last night was NOT all about the WINNNERS at the BET Awards. There were definitely some FASHION LOSERS. First on the lost was female rapper Dej Loaf. Her look FLOPPED almost as bad as her career lately.

Who told her she should wear this???


Then there was ASHANTI. She looks like she wore her GRANDFATHER's suit jacket to the show. Her figure is TOO CUTE to hide it underneath that MONSTROSITY of an outfit.


And probably the WORST of all was LaKeith Stanfield. What i the world was this bruh THINKING??


So those were the LOSERS, make sure you check out the winners, too:

Here Are The FASHION WINNERS From The BET AWARDS SHOW!! (Amber, Amara, Ella Mai)