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Gabrielle Union threw a celeb studded Halloween party. And the party served a double-duty, as it was also Gabby's 47th birthday party.

According to The Root:

When your birthday falls two days before Halloween, it’s bound to be a costume party. In celebration of her family’s recent relocation of their primary residence to Los Angeles, Gabrielle Union jumped in the way-back machine to bring us back to a happier time and place, California-style. 

Yes, we know 2000 was the year George W. Bush made it to the Oval Office (damn those hanging chads!), but it was also the year that brought us Union’s big breakthrough, as she and the fictional East Compton Clovers squared off against Kirsten Dunst and those bitin’-ass Toros in the cult classic cheerleading movie, Bring It On. 

Union cleverly stoked our nostalgia this weekend, donning mommy-and-me versions of the now-iconic Clovers uniform with daughter Kaavia James in celebration of Union’s upcoming 47th birthday, and...Brr! It’s cold in here! There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere!

Amazingly Gabrielle at 47 still looks great in a cheerleader outfit:

Husband D Wade was a Black Panther:

More celebs:

Here's Jeannie Mai - going as Kehlani:

And here's video - an impromptu concert popped off: