Kaila Methven is the heiress to the billion dollar KFC chicken fortune, and she's going viral. Not for her wealth, but for new pics that she leaked showing the beauty wearing nothing but $10M in diamonds.

Kaila posed nude for her latest shoot, explaining that she wanted to create something that was both artistic and empowering to women.

The spread is in the new issue of JMG Lifestyle Magazine, a quarterly luxury and lifestyle publication.

'For the shoot, I had to be naked in front of about 20 people, which was a little scary at first, but it really wasn't about nudity for me, this was about creating something artistic and empowering with a woman's body,' she said.

Here is the FIRST PIC

Here is the SECOND PIC

Here is The THIRD PIC

Kaila's grandfather created a Chicken fast food company in South Africa, that eventually merged with KFC.

'Over the years, the Methven family became the third richest family in South Africa. From there they partnered with KFC and expanded globally,' Kaila explained in a recent interview.

According to reports, the family's fortune has now grown to more than a billion dollars.