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Heidi Klum is licking her wounds amid the America's Got Talent backlash - and is upset that people called her a "white woman" after she threw Gabrielle Union under the bus to save the public image of the reality talent show.

"A lot of people got mad at me. I was called, for example, 'a white woman.'" she told Page Six, "I think it is important for everyone to speak their truth. I think that when there is a story, it should be told. I had a different story."

Klum said, "I can only speak to what I saw — it has nothing to do with what color I am. I am a human so I just looked at what I saw."

We're not sure how being called "white" is offensive considering... that she is a white woman, but she's in her feelings about it. Additionally, how would a "white woman" or any white person be able to say that there is no racism if they are not in the affected group? 

After Union spoke out about the toxic and racially charged working environment behind the scenes of the show, Klum joined actor Terry Crews, an African American male, in sticking the knife further into the Hollywood actress' back.

"I've only had an amazing experience [on the show]. I can't speak for Gabrielle. I didn't experience the same thing. To me, everyone treats you with the utmost respect," she said last month.