Former supermodel Heidi Klum has defended America's Got Talent following their shock firing of Gabrielle Union, saying that the show has treated her well.

"I've only had an amazing experience. I can't speak for (Union). I didn't experience the same thing," she said after a Television Critics Association panel Tuesday . "To me, everyone treats you with the utmost respect. I've never seen anything that was weird or hurtful."

Gabrielle was released from the show after complaining about several racial insensitivities she experienced on while set, including Jay Leno making a racist joke aimed at the Asian community. Several celebrities have stepped forward to defend the actress and have blasted the show's producers as well as creator, Simon Cowell, but not Klum.

Which isn't surprising. Klum is not an African American woman - so she would not face the same discrimination and criticisms as Union says she faced while on the show.