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K Michelle Reveals NEW FACE . . . After FACELIFT . . . Who Is That BLASIAN LADY???


R&B singer K Michelle is known for getting plastic surgery – and her latest procedure may be her most extreme.
K Michelle got a series of procedures to her face that collectively may be called a “facelift”. The result of those operations are below.

K Michelle now looks like she’s bi-racial, Asian and Black.

Back in January, it as rumored that the R&B star had gone under the knife and had a nose job. K Michelle has not confirmed or denied the rumors yet, but her fans are noticing the changes.

“she had work done”

“She got her nose and cheek bones done”

“Looks like a white woman now🤷🏾‍♀️, well I guess that was her goal smh 🤦🏽‍♀️”

“Who is this though? Is this Kmichelle really?”

“Look like a whole different person wow will cute”

“Smh u starting 2 look white now smh be comfortable in your own skin……”

“That ain’t no damn K. Michelle 👀👀”

“Yes she has had some work done. I think it’s pretty sad she looks nothing like herself.”

K Michelle has had a bittersweet relationship with plastic surgery. After removing her but implants, the injections could not be removed fully, leaving 60% of the injections left as she had illegals injections done. She claimed they were impacting negatively on her health.

Well, she’s obviously has something done. This should be the last of it as she is barely recognizable now.

Has K Michelle one too far with the surgery or are you loving her new face?

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