Heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder KOs Mascot On Live TV!! (Broken Jaw)

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Deontay Wilder is the boxing heavyweight champion of the world. And he recently showed of his powerful punch on a Spanish language ESPN Show.

The professional boxer recently appeared on the ESPN show ‘Nacion’ to promote his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury. And as part of his appearance, Deontay got into a staged argument with a giant mascot tortilla in a sombrero.

After some back and forth, Deontay hauls off and punches the mascot - and it was BAD.

Wilder goes to show his punching power on the tortilla, and he fired on the guy with almost full force.

The man inside the suit was seriously injured, according to ESPN. Here is the video:

As the presenters looked on shocked after Wilder had launched the telling blow, the mascot remained on the floor and was not able to get off from the floor as Wilder stood over it admiring his work. With the mascot still down Wilder walked away and the presenters were forced to cut away from the link as the person inside the costume was visibly hurt from Wilder's punch.

In the aftermath of the weird goings-on Wilder has reportedly claimed that he was unaware that a person was in the costume, but there's no doubt the mascot will be feeling the force of Wilder's punch for a long time to come.