Actress Heather Locklear is heading back to prison after she got into a heated fight with her boyfriend, according to reports.

Heather was on the road to sobriety but the bust-up with bae, Chris Heisser, forced her to re-admit herself.

“Heather and Chris got into a screaming match, and after they finally cooled down she realized she’d lost control again and decided she needed to head back to rehab!” one insider revealed to Radar Online.

The 'Melrose Place' star was committed to a psych ward on Nov. 18, 2018, but was released shortly after.

“This is always the way it goes with Heather,” the insider told Radar. “She goes off the deep end and gets into it with Chris or whoever else is around, and then she realizes she needs to get help! We’re all praying that this time it will work.”

The couple has a history of explosive rows. It may be time to part ways.