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HBO has denied that they will be pulling 'Leaving Neverland' from programming despite reports to the contrary.

Earlier this week some outlets reported that HBO has removed the two-part documentary from the network.

"That report is untrue. Leaving Neverland is available on HBO through April 16th and then will continue to be available on HBO NOW and HBO GO," HBO told Complex. 

"It is now the second most watched [documentary] on HBO in 10 years having reached 7.5 million people for Part 1."

Calls for the documentary to be removed have grown after the director Dan Reed was forced to admit that one of the Michael Jackson accusers, James Safechuck gave a false timeline of his abuse.

Safechuck alleged that Jackson abused him back in 1988 through 1992 in several homes in the Neverland Ranch including a room in the Neverland station, which would not have been possible. Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe revealed the train station at the singer’s ranch was not built until 1994.

"Yeah there seems to be no doubt about the station date. The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse," Reed admitted.

"Leaving Neverland remains on the HBO linear channel through April 16th after which it will continue to be available on HBO NOW and HBO GO,” the network told DX. “The documentary is already the second most watched on HBO in the past ten years with 7.5 million viewers for Part 1.”