Hazel From Love & Hip Hop Gets ANOTHER Facelift . . . Looks Like Barbie Doll!!

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Hazel E from Love & Hip Hop has got another facial plastic surgery procedure. And this time, she may have gone too far.

Hazel has talked openly about getting a nose job, and other facial surgeries. But her latest series of face surgeries (which we're collectively referring to as her "face lift") completely changed her countenance.

Many on social media are suggesting that she now looks like a plastic mannequin. The most recent images of Hazel on social media have the reality star looking like a completely different person.

Here's the "new" hazel"


In the past Hazel E has admitted to having a BUNCH of plastic surgery procedures. She's gotten breast implants, her butt done, and her stomach lipo'd. Now she's turned to her face.

Back in April the 37 year old Hazel was almost UNRECOGNIZABLE. Not only did she get a nose job and significant botox - but she also appears to have gotten a FULL FACE LIFT.

Well now she's gotten back in the chair again. In early September Hazel debuted a LIGHTER complexion that some suggested was because of skin bleaching...First off, Hazel used to have a Carmel complexion. Now she's basically a fair skinned White girl. The procedure removed just about ALL of the melanin in her body.

Next, her face looks like a FELINE. Hazel got some type of procedure - that ended up making her look like a cat. People online are starting to call her the "Cat Lady."

While we're not quite sure if Hazel, known for her infamous attack on the LGBT community and her careless remarks about dark-skinned women, actually got work done, in the words of another commenter: "Girl, cut it out."

Though she may not be an all-time favorite, we encourage her to love the skin she’s in.