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Hazel From Love & Hip Hop Bleached The F**K Out Of Her Skin . . . She's Now 'PINK'!!


Hazel E from the show Love & Hip Hop used to be a light skinned Black girl . . . now she's a PINK CHICK. New pics show the extensive skin "bleaching" that she's done since being FIRED form the show Love & Hip Hop.

38 year old Hazel has undergone a series of procedures that many consider to be skin "lightening" or "bleaching."

When she first joined the VH1 hit series she had a natural caramel color. Now her complexion is almost COMPLETELY without melanin. She's now the color of a farm HOG.

Look at the most recent pic of her. She's almost unrecognizable:


In other Hazel E news, according to TMZ, the reality star was recently QUESTIONED by police regarding her former boo Katt Williams. . . Here's what the report said:

Katt Williams is under investigation by the feds, and they're going after his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get dirt on him ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Katt's ex, former "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Hazel-E, tell us ... IRS agents in street clothes showed up at her door a few days ago unannounced to question her about Katt and his financial dealings. 

We're told at first Hazel wouldn't open the door, but they refused to leave and threatened to come back with a search warrant if she didn't cooperate ... so she let them come in for a talk. 

Our sources say the agents bombarded Hazel with questions about Katt allegedly hiding money -- she said she had no knowledge of that.