Hazel From LOVE AND HIP HOP Gets FACE LIFT . . . Now She Looks Like The CAT WOMAN!!

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Hazel from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood got facial plastic surgery - and now she looks BIZARRE. Hazel recently underwent a series of surgical procedures that collectively, people are calling a :"face lift." And the results of the operations are stunning.

First off, Hazel used to have a Carmel complexion. Now she's basically a fair skinned White girl. The procedure removed just about ALL of the melanin in her body.

Next, her face looks like a FELINE. Hazel got some type of procedure - that ended up making her look like a cat. People online are starting to call her the "Cat Lady.:"

Here are the pics:


This isn't the first time that Hazel has made drastic surgical changes to her body. In fact, many believe the 38-year-old controversial rapper isn't a stranger to cosmetic procedures. Earlier last year, the internet began to speculate that Hazel took a secret visit to a plastic surgeon when she posted a photo on social media with what appeared to be a new nose.

While we're not quite sure if Hazel, known for her infamous attack on the LGBT community and her careless remarks about dark-skinned women, actually got work done, in the words of another commenter: "Girl, cut it out."

Though she may not be an all-time favorite, we encourage her to love the skin she’s in.